Window Coverings In The Motorized World

Do you recall the first time you saw a window shade open as if by magic?  I do, and it's been a number of years back while I was out on a new commercial building project and I was in awe, amazed, and asked "how'd they do that!"  Since that time motorization has become home-friendly and many times no electrician is required (more on that later).  Back to the magic and the second time that 'aha' moment came over me, I was watching the movie "The Holiday" you may recognize our cover photo of the bedroom in that movie. The scene where Kate Winslet over-tired from her travels reaches to the night stand and lowers the black-out shades with the click of a button, and there we all witnessed the immediate relief of staying in bed while lowering the shades and wished those were our shades. Well, they can be...

Choose Your Mode To Motorization

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Remote Control, Wi-Fi operation, PowerView App, Voice Activation, Integrated Home Systems. How do you want to operate your window coverings?

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Drapery Rods have choices in motorization and the ones we are excited about are the newer decorative rod selections. No longer is just commercial tracking available, the choices have opened up to include several finishes with beautifully coordinated finials all operated on a motorized traversing system that will span up to 40 feet and offered in individual and multi-system operations.

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Elevate Control

Remote Connect! This remarkable feature allows you to operate your shades from anywhere in the world with the PowerView App on your mobile device. Aloha!

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New in motorized shutters is the ability to control panels separately. First of its kind with Hunter Douglas’ PowerView Motorization.
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Without Intimidation

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‘The Little Pebble That Could’

The Pebble Remote Control Systems can be operated through an App or as a remote control with many capabilities that are outstanding in remote control operation. This little Pebble allows you to preset and operate up to six different groupings of shades, individually, or together as a remote control, but to unlock the full potential of PowerView motorization, you’ll want to combine the Pebble with the App.

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PowerView Motorization is now compatible with these Smart Home Systems which allows for voice activated operation of your shades.

What To Consider

  1. Building New?  This is the best time to meet with a window covering professional and coordinate with your electrician/technician for hard-wiring or integrating into Smart Home Systems.

  2. What type of motorization will work best in my own home?  Frequency is what it's all about, especially with WiFi operation. Consider a WiFi extender/booster.

  3. What type of system do I need to set all of my shades, shutters and drapes on timers?

  4. I want to be able to operate the window coverings that are in my home from anywhere.  Is this available to me?

  5. How far away from the shade will the remote control work?  In direct sunlight?

  6. I plan on adding drapery panels over the motorized shades at a later date, will the shades still work once the drapery is installed?

You have questions?  We have answers!

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