Why choose laminate flooring? 

Designed to withstand spills, scuffs, scratches, stains and fading, Laminate is a great alternative to Hardwoods for worry-free durability. An alternative to stone and tile floors for softness underfoot, and soft on the budget too.  Replicating the look - Laminates are constructed of different layers:  The "wear layer" is the clear top-protective coating; followed by the "design layer" which is produced from photographic imagery of true materials; the "inner core" is what brings it all together made of recycled plastics or fiberboard that keeps the laminate stable; and lastly the "backing" which creates a moisture barrier to further protect the floor. At Knight's our focus is on the quality of the materials we provide:  All of our products meet and exceed "CARB" - California Air Resources Board standards.  


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