Unique Floors

Are you looking for the truly unique in flooring?  A floor to take your design style to the next level? Step into Knight's to learn more....

Cork US Floors.jpg

Natural Cork

“Natural”, eco-friendly and highly sustainable, our Natural Cork floors carry the GreenGuard Gold seal for indoor air quality. Cork flooring is naturally soft, warm, durable, mold and mildew resistant too. Premier selections are available as planks and tiles.


Natural Bamboo

The other species of hardwood flooring is Bamboo. This unique floor, along with Exotics, offers characteristics for many design themes. Natural bamboo is renewable, recyclable and durable too as it is 27% harder than oak.

Sisals and Seagrass are natural fiber carpets that can be made into area rugs with your choice of binding, or installed wall-to-wall for an interesting textural element.

Luxurious Leather Floors - beautifully sophisticated and remarkably durable.  Made from real bonded leather featuring exotic patterns and rich colors for the floors and the walls.