What To Ask Before You Purchase New Flooring

When we think of new flooring we are apt to tune-in to popular decor trends, beautifully showcased in design magazines.  While our focus is on the beautiful, it's good to remember that these images are staged to draw our attention and may not offer the best solutions for your personal living space.

At Knight's we focus on our client's lifestyle ensuring the selection you make is the one you'll love for years to come.  Consider this:  Gravity dictates that with every step you take in your home, you're stepping on your flooring.  Whether in high-heels, cowboy boots, cozy slippers, or your barefeet, you deserve the comfort and quality suited to your needs.


To make the best selection start with these questions:

1.  How is the room used?

2.  Heavy or light foot traffic?

3.  Is this space the center of activity for my family?

4.  How much direct sunlight is in the area/floors?

5.  What flooring is best for my pets?

6.  How can we create a smooth transition to other flooring surfaces?

7.  How often do I change my decor, colors, theme?

8.  Is this floor CARB certified? 

9.  What is the warranty coverage?

Now make your own list and let's see how these questions apply to you.

As a small, family-owned business it is of the utmost importance that we continue to provide quality where it counts.  From the accountability of our manufacturers & vendors, to our own installation team and into your home - we've found these questions very useful in helping our clients make informed decisions and we hope you'll find them useful too.
You have questions???  We have answers!