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Going Green

There are so many Eco categories for all of our products. From the floors on up, we are here to take you on a virtual journey of what it all means to you and your home in making an informed decision with our products designed to meet these standards.


"The ability to be maintained at a certain level"

What we've learned over the years is this:  If a product is considered "Sustainable", it ultimately is a Natural and Renewable resource as well.  Now, let's have a closer look at the flooring products that fit into all three categories - Sustainable, Natural & Renewable resources.

From The Farm To The Floors


This informative article on everything CORK, is from our friends at US Floors.  You'll want to click on the photo to read more on the natural attributes of Cork and the methods of manufacturing this sustainable product.  Visit our showroom to see our entire collection of Cork for your flooring, wallcovering, and fabric needs.

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Sisals, Seagrass & Jute

Farmed from nature's fibers, Natural Fiber Floors are grown by...sustained in... and biodegradable with... Nature! When purchasing Natural Fiber Floors, look for natural backings as well. These textural stunners are available as custom area rugs, wall-to-wall installations and stair runners.

Bamboo - The other Hardwood

Cultivated in managed forests, Natural Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, reaching maturity in six years. Durable, and surprising that bamboo's hardness factor is comparable to oak! A true gem in modern, sustainable architecture.

We host the largest selection of quality wool carpeting in our area featuring 100% New Zealand wool

We host the largest selection of quality wool carpeting in our area featuring 100% New Zealand wool

Nature's wonder fiber - Wool carpeting is highly sought after for its naturally soft texture. It is resilient to dirt and stains, it is a non-allergenic fiber that does not promote the growth of bacteria, or give-off harmful emissions.  After working with wool carpeting for years, we have determined that Wool is a forever rug! Yes, a forever rug in the home and we are happy to report that wool is also a biodegradable fiber - In soil, aka landfills, wool readily biodegrades. 

Ecological / Eco-friendly

"not harmful to the environment"

In the wake of Earth Day, terminology has been redefined and is being redefined as we speak.  Notably, Eco-friendly home products are manufactured to a set of standards wherein certified processes are met and technological advances in protecting our environment are achieved.   
Therefore, we must look to, and trust in our Manufacturers.

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An easy reference, these three certifications are your assurance that the manufacturing process has passed and, in most cases, exceeded environmental protection policies of indoor air quality requirements.  

CRI GREEN LABEL PLUS:  An independent testing agency to test carpet, cushions and adhesives to ensure customers are purchasing the very lowest emitting products on the market.

FLOOR SCORE:  For hard surface flooring this seal of approval complies with VOC emissions criteria - meaning healthier, cleaner, indoor air.

GREENGUARD:  This certification covers "others", and in our Showroom, the "others" are window coverings, wall coverings and fabrics.  


When In Doubt,

Ask where the product is made! “Made in the USA” may be a little more expensive, but these manufacturers are required to follow stricter regulations.


Did you know that we are energy-efficient experts?  We are!  And, energy is the valued resource we all strive to protect. With every layer of flooring, window covering and drapery that you add to your home you are creating insulation, and with this insulation you are saving on your energy bills. The best way to achieve energy-efficiency is with window coverings designed to keep you warmer in winter by stopping the heat from escaping through the window and cooler in the summer by keeping the cool air inside.  Want to learn more about the beauty of insulating your windows?  Visit our Energy Efficient Home or click on the photo above.  

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Green Screen

Winner of two innovation awards for Technical Textiles and Special Energy Efficiency, Green Screen SeaTex is the first sunscreen fabric made from 50% recycled ocean plastic waste. Hunter Douglas once again demonstrates its commitment to innovative product development for sun protective window coverings.

It wasn't that long ago, was it? Yes, it was that long ago (clears throat) 49 years ago in 1970 and the very first Earth Day was born. If you were in school back in the day, you may remember your teachers instructions on being earth-friendly and all the events surrounding that very first Earth Day - foregoing bus and car rides to pedal or walk to school, taking on neighborhood clean-up projects and the like to bring awareness. It was just enough of a little seed that grew and grew and brings us to where we are today on a much grander scale with sustainability, renewable resources, energy-efficiency, and a natural awareness.



Fun Facts

You may be surprised to know that it is not often that our customers ask us about our sustainable, eco-friendly products.  Our thoughts come to a little word that we mentioned earlier - "Trust".  Trusting in us that we take care and take pride in the quality of the products and services we offer and, for that, we are extremely grateful!

We are pleased to have this format to honor Earth Day and all that it encompasses. Understandably, there is so much information that we only touched the tip of the iceberg....  So, here's some fun facts:  Sustainable forestry practices are used world-wide for hardwood flooring and wood plantation shutters too.  Mohawk's EverStrand Carpet fiber is made from recycling plastic bottles.  Linens, Cottons and Silks are awesomely flawsome - the flaws of the natural fibers give draperies great character.  Waterproof floors are moving away from the original PVC core to a limestone composite core. 

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