Knight's, 25 Years and Still Smiling

I got together with the staff at Knight's to pose a couple of questions to Sheryl Knight on her 25 years as owner of Knight's Carpets and Interiors. A celebration of sorts and we had a lot fun reminiscing about our years working with Gordon and Sheryl, and hope you all will enjoy
"The Interview".

Close up and Personal with Sheryl Knight

How did you get started?

In 1978 we started our store "Knight's Floor and Window Coverings in Aptos, California.  That store originally belonged to Gordon's brother and we knew it would be a good fit for us.  So, that is, officially, where we started out.

Wow, that's 38 years ago.  What brought you and Gordon to Paso Robles?

Gordon was raised in Santa Maria and always wanted to get back to the Central Coast, so, we moved and started new in Paso Robles.  Fun to think back on those days with our daughters Carrissa and Eileen being involved in so many new things - 4H clubs, Cheerleading, Drama, new schools and really just making it all work in a town we grew to love so much.

Your 25 year anniversary is in celebration of your business on the Central Coast.  Where was that first location?

We opened our first showroom in January 1991 on Riverside Avenue and we still work with a lot of our original clients.

Thinking back on your years in business I am just now realizing that you've endured three recessions, all of which have hit the construction industry pretty hard.  What do you think has kept you successful in these industry down-turns?

Everyone struggles with the same challenges in business.  Cutting back, and knowing when to make those cut backs on all expenditures is a good rule of thumb.  The strengths I see are having a loyal clientele, the support of community and a good banker.

Do you have a most memorable project?

I would have to say the rebuilding of Flamson Middle School.  It was the largest job we had ever done.  We installed VCT Tiles, Commercial Sheet Vinyl and Commercial Carpeting throughout the new building.  
Another favorite was the Santa Lucia Bank on 13th and Spring Streets in Paso.  Our installers expertise and craftmanship really shined on this job where we inset carpet and did carpet carving as well.  

Those are great projects!   Looking back at the all changes within the flooring industry, what do you see as the most significant change or trend?

That's an easy one:  Carpet to Hard-surface-flooring.  Just a few years ago we started noticing that our Hardwood sales are surpassing the carpet sales.  I think this is due to increasing the home's value for resale.... possibly, and that Hardwoods are just easier to live with.

Outside of work, What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

That we've raised cattle and horses on our property in Paso.

Moving forward in the new location, what do you see the future holds for Knight's?

Over the years, we have helped our clients with many different sources to complete their projects.  I see this as a great value and we will be managing more customer projects - arranging movers, painters, and all of the sources needed to complete an entire project.  A whole house coordination and I'm very excited about offering this service.

Final Words???

(she giggles) When can I retire?  
How about a longstanding goal of mine?  My goal is to make our customer service the best we can be.  We have a really good team and everyone works together to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.

We know this to be true.

Hi everyone! This is Troy.  You may have noticed my author title at the top of this blog.  Yes, I hijacked Sheryl's blog page to share with you all a little inside info about Sheryl and Gordon's beginnings.  It is of no surprise to me that our team at Knight's keeps growing.  Creating confidence in others, caring about their work within our community and the reflection of quality that it brings, are just natural occurrences that I've discovered working with the Knights.  And, there's more. . .
Sheryl and Gordon have been happily married since 1976 - just another milestone for 2016!
They have two daughters, Carrisa and Eileen who are both working in education, and three grandkids that they spend a lot of time with.  You may have even seen the kiddos in the showroom.  Carrisa's husband, Marco Montenegro, has given us the gift of his beautiful work in photography, enhancing our portfolio with images that we could never get on our own.  
Click here for portfolio.
If you've had any window coverings installed, you may have met Eileen's husband, Geoff Higgins.  Geoff has worked with us over the last few years installing and with our move to the new location, he is essential in guiding us all in being more computer savvy - still working on that one!
All-in-all, we're one, big, happy family!