Step Into Spring Savings

Step Into Spring Savings

Here’s the Spring invitation you’ve been waiting for! Knight’s Carpets & Interiors annual ‘Step Into Spring’ savings event is happening now through May 31st. Read on for details on this exclusive offering.

Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day Every Day

Going Green? There are so many ECO categories for all of our flooring and window covering products, that we’re covering them all here. We’ve got you covered from the floors on up with a virtual journey to design that eco-family-friendly lifestyle in your own home.

Design Your Way to a Better Night's Sleep

Design Your Way to a Better Night's Sleep

There’s been so much talk lately about sleep-deprived America, that the thoughts about covering up and sleeping are keeping me awake. Can we really design ourselves to a better night’s sleep? Yes, and we are sharing our methods to stop the madness of sleepless nights.

Flooring Trends in 2019

Flooring Trends in 2019

Covering the latest innovations in carpeting, hardwood floors, waterproof floors and tile for 2019, two words become fabulously apparent: FAMILY-FRIENDLY! As promised what happened in Vegas, isn’t staying in Vegas, it’s coming to our Showroom!

Shutters, A Better View

Shutters, A Better View

Today, Plantation Shutters are available with motorization opening a new world of possibilities in window covering operation with classic appeal that stands the test of time.

12 Easy Ways To Keep Your New Year Goals & They All Start With Home

12 Easy Ways To Keep Your New Year Goals & They All Start With Home

Make this the year you incorporate your resolutions with decor solutions. We’ve discovered 12 easy ways to keep you motivated and they all start with home.

Be Holiday Home Ready StoreWide Savings Event

Be Holiday Home Ready StoreWide Savings Event

We cannot think of a better way to inspire and motivate you to BE HOME HOLIDAY READY than with our annual StoreWide Savings Event - happening now! Read on for details and meet our participating vendors.

What To Wear If You're A Sliding Glass Door

What To Wear If You're A Sliding Glass Door

One of the questions we are frequently asked is “What window covering will work best on my sliding patio doors?” In this instance we are obliged to answer this question with the question “What do you prefer?” We’re all about preferences as we take a look at the 50 ways to love your louvers.

Destination: Renovation Vacation

Destination:  Renovation Vacation

Have you ever lived through the experience of a home remodel and wished you could be anywhere but there? Say hello to Destination Renovation Vacation! We’ll walk you through with steps to success.

Hunter Douglas Premieres Window Covering Trends For 2018

This Spring invites us to design the beauty of light in our homes, opening the windows to all that is new with Hunter Douglas'  latest innovations in window coverings.  This Spring and every Spring we attend the Hunter Douglas Premieres showcase and once again our vision for your windows is refreshed with exciting options that will be arriving to our showroom very soon. 

Motorization Steals The Show

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach PolySatin Shutters

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach PolySatin Shutters

We will do our best not to use the word "excited" too much in this blog, but we are excited about the advancement of PowerView motorization that now includes operating your Shutters.  Think of those hard-to-reach upper-windows and you'll quickly understand why all the excitement!

HD google2.jpg

Hello Google.  Hello Alexa.


Have you ever thought I just want to tell Google to close my shades?  The time has come!  All motorized products are now compatible with Alexa and Google home automation voice commands.

All You Need Is a Soft Touch

With SoftTouch Motorization the power is in the wand control.  A newer way to operate shades, yes, it is newer in comparison to standard operation options, but has been with us for a while now.  The new news on the SoftTouch is that it is now available on all seven of these Shades:

Designing The Light - Day And Night

Blog HD4.jpg


The DuoLite feature is now available on Vignette Modern Roman Shades offering two opacity options in one roman shade.  

HD provenance.jpg

Provenance Woven Woods

We were introduced to nine new styles in the Provenance Woven Wood Shade collection -Nine styles! That gives us 41 new fabric and color choices and new valance options as well.  Featuring lighter weaves in a neutral color palette.

Blog HD3.jpg

Whole House Solutions

We love these coordinates!!  Vignette Modern Roman Shades and Luminettes now have coordinating fabrics in the Sheer Linen Design to carry your look vertically or horizontally throughout all of your window types.

Knights spring.jpg

Happy Decorating!

We had a lot of fun at this year's Hunter Douglas Premieres and cannot wait to meet with you to show you all the new trends in window coverings.  You can't wait either?  Contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our window covering professionals at 805-237-1400, stop by the showroom to see our window covering gallery and take home the new Art Of Window Dressing magazine - free, just ask!  You can also visit our Hunter Douglas Website with just a click here.

Vendor Spotlight Karastan Carpets

Putting the spotlight on just one of our carpet vendors, may have you asking:  "Why Karastan?"  It's the history of Karastan Carpet and Rugs and celebrating their 90 year anniversary that has us showcasing their time, experience, long lasting artistry and the innovation in the industry that put Karastan years ahead of the competition. 

Karastan wonder rug.jpg

The Wonder Rug

A little history:  Industrialist and retailer, Marshall Field simulated the hand-woven Oriental Rug which would revolutionize the carpet industry by creating a machine-made rug that featured all of the intricate designs and unlimited color variety of a hand-woven rug.  This was the birth of Karastan's first rug mill established in 1926 and then in 1928 the machine-made rug was introduced to the public, with such an overwhelming response it was dubbed "The Wonder Rug".  There's many more Karastan firsts and we encourage you to visit this timeline to learn more:

Karastan’s “Patola” in striated colors made of 100% New Zealand wool.

Karastan’s “Patola” in striated colors made of 100% New Zealand wool.

As a carpet aficionado I have always appreciated the quality that the Karastan family of carpets represents, but bringing it to our own showroom some twenty years ago was something I do remember being exciting about - and for that matter, all of us were like kids in a candy store oooooh-ing and aaaaaw-ing as each new pattern was introduced.  Wools, wool blends, and the luxurious Kashmere are all a part of our every day work day now and we continue to be impressed.

Karastan wool.jpg

Wools . . .

From the farm to the floor, wool carpets are inherently sustainable, naturally soft, yet durable and bring a natural layer of texture.
"Worstead Weave" as featured in our photo, is a Karaloc woven loop. Karaloc is the method in which a fiber is woven and is another first for the industry developed by Karastan in 1948.

Karastan wall.jpg

Wall to Wall

Oriental stylings as a wall-to-wall installation? Yes, please! One of the many attributes of this look is having one room with a wall-to-wall installation, a customized area rug to coordinate for the adjoining hallway or...or...or... You can also take it to the stairs for an endless runner.


Imagine a carpet that feels as soft as cashmere!   Kashmere is exclusive to and created by Karastan in today's popular colors and patterns.  I have to admit I cannot walk by these samples without my hand luxuriating in the softness of this carpet.  

Karastan Fashion Icon.jpg


"The best carpet ever invented - again!" SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet is the first new carpet fiber to be introduced in over 50 years and the only carpet with life-time stain resistance built into the fiber. First introduced in 2005 it quickly became Knight's number one selling brand.

Area Rugs

Karastan’s “Dramatic Details” is from the SmartStrand family of carpet fibers. This carpet can be installed wall-to-wall or fashioned into a custom area rug.

Karastan’s “Dramatic Details” is from the SmartStrand family of carpet fibers. This carpet can be installed wall-to-wall or fashioned into a custom area rug.

This much we know is true:  There is nothing as beautiful as well-designed floors and the combination of hardwoods and area rugs just happen to be our most popular sellers.  The area rug serves as a welcome to defining spaces.  What we've seen these past couple of years is the trend going towards a custom-fit. By selecting a wall-to-wall (aka broadloom) carpet and having it bound to your specific size for a custom area rug, the possibilities of style, pattern, shape and sizes are limitless. 

Read on for more information on designing a custom area rug.


Live Beautifully

To 'Live Beautifully' is the Karastan way and we are proud to be a part of their vision. When shopping for carpeting, knowledge of the product, the fibers, and how the carpet is made are all a part of our vision for you. At Knight's selecting and representing the best in quality is a team effort, from the sale to the installation you'll Live Beautifully for years to come.

What can we help you with?

Karastan’s Live Beautifully sale is happening at Knight’s Carpets & Interiors March 1st through March 31st. Enjoy savings on select styles of SmartStrand, Kashmere, Wool and Wool Blends.

Karastan’s Live Beautifully sale is happening at Knight’s Carpets & Interiors March 1st through March 31st. Enjoy savings on select styles of SmartStrand, Kashmere, Wool and Wool Blends.

How To Design Your Best Year Ever

How To Design Your Best Year Ever?

At Knight's we are not the trend-setting influencers.  We rely on what we see:  What our clients are shopping for, what products our local designers are working with, and what is new, newer and newest from our vendors. 

Natural, Neutral, and full of Texture is our theme for 2018!

Blog New Year.jpg

When you surround yourself with all that you love, staying true to yourself, you're always in fashion.

Whenever Possible, Start With The Floors

Blog New Year1.jpg

Hardwood and wood-look flooring still reign supreme for the number one choice in flooring.  We are seeing that our clients are wanting to lighten things up with lighter stain choices and organic character rich in natural textures and carrying throughout the home.

Why start with the floors?  The floors are the largest surface in the home giving them the number one priority for making a big impact.

Hot Pick Patterns

Collage Natural Wonder Distinctive Carpets.jpg

For The Love Of Carpet!  We cannot talk about 'starting with your floors' without the beauty of carpeting.  Whether you're choosing a wall-to-wall installation, making a stunning statement on your stairway, or complementing your hardwoods and defining interior spaces with area rugs - Carpets are here to stay.  

Our Decorator's Top Picks

New Year10.jpg

From our camera- shy Michael Fletcher. . .

Living large with Large-Format tiles in natural stone looks and concrete-like porcelains are suitable for 

residential and commercial spaces.  High sheen contrasts with the beauty of rustic-refinement. 

The continuous flow is outstanding with 59" x 118" tiles. 

Collage Tile1.jpg

Patterns in tile are still so popular they drive us to new heights in design concept.  Stunning geometric patterns for the backsplash, but what we all consider to be a backsplash is changing its location taking over not just the splash but continuing to the ceiling.  That shows us all just how much we are loving the new shape of tile.  

May Your Walls Know Joy

New Year8.jpg

Neutral and Natural


Cork and metallic dance together for an incomparable texture that will have you staring at your walls in awe.  This unique design is brought to us by Candice Olson design for York Wallcoverings.

Our Favorite Walls Have Lots Of Windows

knights diane.jpeg

From Diane:

"What I'm most excited about for 2018 is the motorization of window coverings.  The ease of access, the affordability, and the compatibility with other systems.  It's revolutionizing the way we look at dressing windows."

Location!  Location!  Location!

Motorizing, or automating your window coverings creates worry-free window locations.  With motorization you'll no longer struggle to operate those hard-to-reach windows, remotely operate your windows from remote locations, and, or set them all to move to your schedule.

knights marie.jpeg


"Happy New Year everyone!  I am working with a lot of fabric projects that are all linens.  Neutral and creamy textures for drapery with wider widths in lead-edge banding, florals with linen backgrounds, custom headboards with all the textural elements of, yes, Linen!  All in linen blends that gives a great hand to the fabric that is workable for all your projects."

_______ Marie Goldsmith

A Few Of Our Favorite Linens


What Can We Help You With?

We always get a bit excited with the coming of the New Year as it's also the time our vendors unveil their new products!  That's me in the photo a couple years ago attending the Surfaces Trade Show in Las Vegas.  This year I'll be attending one of our vendor's shows in Southern California, while Michael and Diane take on Vegas.  What happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas ... They'll be reporting back with all the new news and we'll be sharing with you in our showroom, our website and here on our Blog page.  

How do we decide what products we bring to the Showroom?  Of course, the eyes have it.  What draws us in first is the look, then our inspective nature comes into play:  How will the product perform for our customers?  Does the quality of the product represent Knight's standard of excellence?  How is the product installed?  What are the manufacturers warranty guidelines?

From all of us at Knight's, to you and yours, We wish you a Very Happy New Year!


There Is A Right Way To Clean Your Floors

blog clean cover.jpg

We've seen them! You've, no doubt, seen them too! Those cleaning hack internet articles that have you pulling out the mop and whatever method, remedy, additions to cleaners they are using to promote their own products - And, we say WAIT! What about my warranty!! Before you try one of these "hacks", let's talk about the proper cleaning, care & maintenance of your own floors, rugs, draperies and window treatments.  We'll get to some of this in our next Blog on care & cleaning.  Today our focus is hard surface flooring with a reference guide that you'll save (yes, please) to keep your quality purchases up to their intended performance.

What's got me going?  A recent "hack" of adding essential oils, now before you judge I love essential oils! Just not in a mop bucket with water intended to scrub any wood floors, especially our beautiful hardwood floors.  It's the easiest way to remove the natural luster of the hardwood and your warranty along with it.
So, what is the best way to clean, care and maintain the beauty of Hardwood Flooring? 
All of our vendors agree, it is with a floor cleaner specifically made for your hardwood finishes.

Water and Wood Don't Mix . . .

blog clean mop.jpg

A little snippet from our friends at Hallmark Hardwood Flooring.  For their entire article on care and maintenance click here

From Hardwood to Laminate Floors . . .
Friends Don't Let Friends Steam Mop

"But, my steam mop says I can."  I was at a clients recently visiting the laminate floors we had installed and there she was, her housekeeper, steam mopping away on our beautiful new floors!  True, many of the popular steam mop brands do list laminate floors right on the box as was pointed out to me, but don't you believe it.  Manufacturer's warranties do not include "other people cleaning" in their warranty, which brings us to "Friends don't let friends steam mop".

All Roads Lead To A Clean Sweep

Vinyl Mohawk.jpg

Then there's Vinyl Planking, with possibly the largest misconception for cleaning that we come across on a daily basis.  Did you know that steam mopping a vinyl plank floor, even the newer waterproof vinyl planks, that steam mops have the potential to damage the floor?  The steam results in dripping water that will seep between the planks loosening the glue that holds the planks in place and the heat from the mop will cause the vinyl to warp or bend.  The entire process will also dull the finish.  

What is recommended?  The "Laminate Floor Tips" video is a great start for your vinyl plank floors with these exceptions:  It is okay to lightly damp mop vinyl, ahem...lightly, and a Neutral-PH balanced floor cleaner designed for vinyl floors is the go-to for restoring the luster.

Do Use The Power Of Steam For . . .

Photo courtesy:  High Camp Home

Photo courtesy:  High Camp Home

With all of our "don'ts" we actually love saying "Do"!  And, we put the steam mop back into action when it comes to tile.  There are so many different types of tile to consider though, and I think this photo captures them all with natural stone and man-made tile as well.  Avoiding harsh chemicals is the best rule to follow along with these tips on how to clean the shower that apply just as well to your floors.  Click for more on cleaning tile.


Thank you so much for joining in on this Blog post!  We do have an attachment to our floors long after the sale is through. Preserving the quality of the floors through care, cleaning and maintenance is a great first step to loving your own floors for years to come. We hope you'll help us get the word out to the world-wide web by liking and sharing this blog post.  If you do have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section, or give us a call at (805) 237-1400.  Happy to be of service.
Subscribe to our blog for part two in our cleaning series.... Coming soon!

Be Holiday Home Ready With Knight's Timeline To Success

As we embrace the cooler weather and shorter days,  we pause and we think:  "The Holiday Season is just a couple months away...aways away..." And, before you know it the Holidays are here!  It's that passing thought that has all of us at Knight's thinking that September is the month to BE HOLIDAY HOME READY.  You'll arrive FASHIONABLY EARLY with our Timeline to Success.

Six-to-Eight Weeks . . .

Blog timeline1.jpg

Custom draperies set the stage to intimate gatherings, framing the window and completing the decor theme, but - YES!  You will have to plan on six-to-eight weeks from the time you place your order and that doesn't include the time it may take to select your fabrics and trims.  

Please include in your six-to-eight week timeline:  Custom bedding, decorative pillows & throws, valances, roman-fold shades, upholstered headboards and reupholstery too.  We are placing Shutters in this time frame also as depending on the type of Shutter, you'll want to allow anywhere from three-to-eight weeks.

Four-to-Six Weeks . . .

blog timeline4.jpg

Custom Area Rugs

Our own Jimmy Jewell is hard at work creating a custom area rug.  Our area rug collections are varied and do include quality wools and wool blends in today's traditional and trending area rug patterns.  We are also able to provide customization to our broadloom, aka wall-to-wall carpet selections,  designed with contrasting patterns & colors, cut to the the size you prefer with many choices of banding to finish off the edge.

blog timeline5.jpg

Specialty-Shaped Windows


Arches, Eyebrows, Angle-Tops, Ovals.... Your Specialty-Shaped Windows may require a template of the opening, making for a longer turn-around time to complete.

Two-to-Three Weeks

You'll want to add extra time - up to a week on installation for any patterned floors.

What's on your Holiday Home Checklist?


All it takes is a little pre-planning to Be Holiday Home Ready, and at Knight's we strive to do just that for our customers - keeping to schedules, and allowing a little extra time for a smooth transition to new interior coverings.  Yes, we've got you covered with complimentary consultations for all of the quality products our Showroom has to offer and free sample check-out too.  Are you feeling a little stressed over managing your own timeline to Be Holiday Home Ready?  We provide professional project coordination and have a list of local reputable sources, complete with contractors, designers and services that bring a wealth of knowledge to your interior renovation project.

All of our timelines are to be used as a guide and do not take into account backorders, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.


Contact us today on any questions you have on creating your personal 'Be Holiday Home Ready' Timeline & Enjoy!

What's Your Pleat Personality?

blog pleat sketch.jpg

Today, we are defining drapery design pleat-by-pleat and taking you on a journey to picking the perfect drapery pleat for your personal decor style.  From minimalist to ultra-chic glam, the drapery pleat defines your interior with personality. 
What's Your  "Pleat Personality"?

The Minimalist

Not to be interpreted as 'Modern', The Minimalist is more extreme with the least resistance of conflicting patterns and textures, selecting straight lines, mostly monochromatic, subdued and filling light into the space through highly dedicated over-sized windows.  Moody, dramatic and not the easiest of decor themes to pick the perfect pleat . . .

Blog pleat minimalist.jpg

The perfect pleat for our Minimalist room is really no pleat at all, but structure that gives the ultimate in straight fabric folds.  Our choice is from our friends at Hunter Douglas with the Vignette Traversed in the selection of Newport Linen.

Our Minimalist lightens up . . .

blog pleat minimal collage2.jpg

Our Minimalist living room showcases the bare bones of the space with an expanse of tile plank flooring "Downtown" by Emser Tile in a light-airy setting.  Our draperies fade into the back wall and sofa colors with a pleat-style, yes, these draperies are pleated.  Ripple-fold pleats maintain structure from floor to ceiling.


Moving from Minimalist to Modern allows us more freedom with color, texture and pattern.  When I think of Modern interiors, my mind goes to Mid-Century Modern and the Mad Men TV series, edgy for the time period featuring specialty windows and wall-to-wall draperies.  Oftentimes, the pleats were hidden behind a soffit or cornice box.

blog pleat modern3.JPG

Today, the modern drapery takes on a new character, it is often the focal point or backdrop of the interior, losing the cornice box all together and not only extending wall-to-wall, but floor-to-ceiling for seamless beauty.  

Do's and Dont's:

Do emphasize the color in the room with the drapery.  Our Artistry Hardwoods are the scene stealer in this modern living room, but what's our go-to pleat?

Do emphasize the color in the room with the drapery.  Our Artistry Hardwoods are the scene stealer in this modern living room, but what's our go-to pleat?



I do believe most of us will fall into this category: Transitional, the marriage of all things traditional and contemporary.  Contemporary styles do get recognized as Modern in design, however, they are more of what's now, and trending in today's fashion.

Transitionally Inspired, the same style of pleating, "French", is utilized in all three of our inspiration rooms, but the looks are totally individualized with fabric choices and placement.

Transitional Decor is that place to have fun with different pleat styles that make a statement on the window. 

blog pleat trans collage.jpg

Add a little interest to your pleat with contrasting fabrics in cut-outs or banding.

From Transitional To Truly Traditional

True to Tradition and timeless in its function Traditional Interiors are indeed what has worked for years, and those same strategies for furniture and drapery placement still work today.  From the lived-in look of home to higher-end sophistication a traditional interior, is not complete without draperies.  
Pleat styles are timeless as well, with french and goblet pleats among the most popular.

Traditional style lives on . . .

French Country, Farmhouse & Cottage

In a more relaxed, comfortable, casual state of being, Traditional Interiors take a deep breath in all of our most desired Farmhouse decor themes, where every pleat tells the story, and that story is: Contentment.  Just as there is an art to relaxation, there is also an art to creating and customizing a relaxed pleat.  

Tip:  When you want the relaxed pleat, you will achieve the best results with customization.  One does not simply clip a ring to fabric and get the looks we've discovered in our inspiration rooms.  Custom drapery is key to your pleat success!

Rustic Refined. Chic. Glam.

A newer trend that is ever-popular among baby boomers (yes, I read that somewhere) is the emergence of great contrasts and there are no greater contrasts in interior design than that of Rustic Refined.  The contrasted elements are typically the distressed wood or aged stone floors, walls, and furnishings, paired dramatically with the sparkle of a chandelier, and refined with fabric draperies dripping in natural sheen and embellishments.  

blog pleat rustic collage.jpg

In my opinion

A rustic refined space is lacking in refinement if the draperies are not designed for the setting.  We've selected high-style, fully-interlined, relaxed-rouched pleating in Dupioni silk fabric to adorn the windows from the floor to the ceiling.  

blog pleat rustic new.jpg

Worlds collide

Into the beauty with stunning aesthetics of lighting and drapery created to diminish the logs, Interior Designer Lisa Kanning, captures, and inspires us on to Rustic Refined.

Dramatic Finishes

A pleat by any other name is just..... French, Inverted, Boxed, Ruffled, Rouched, Goblet, Ripplefold, Inset, Slouched, Embellished, Smocked, Flounce, Tabbed, Pencil, Cartridge.

Did you discover your pleat personality?

We are thankful for our findings on all of the pleat styles we discovered through the media, our archives, and mainly on Pinterest, that brought this Blog to life.  The talents in designing the perfect pleat begin with a designer who has a vision for the space, which is then communicated, more than likely sketched, for the client.  Once that vision is met with excited approval, the designer relays the project to the workroom/seamstress.  Knight's is fortunate that we work alongside our workroom professionals to ensure that the drapery and pleat style is created to the fullest of our intent.

blog pleat close.jpg

Are you looking forward to designing draperies in your own home?

Aside from our complimentary consultations with our window covering professionals, we are able to assist you with your fabric selections from our vast library of designer-quality fabrics.  Our drapery hardware collections can be customized to fit any space, and our installers are experienced, personable and professional.

Please Allow Six-To-Eight Weeks

For Your Custom Drapery

Happy Decorating!



What's New In The World Of Window Coverings?

A few months back we attended the Hunter Douglas Premieres Showcase that introduced us to What's New In the World Of Window Coverings and we're here to say:  "We have many exciting, innovative Shades coming your way!"

Updating A Classic
Silhouette ClearView Window Shadings

Brilliantly engineered to control the sun's rays while preserving your impressive view with the classic, refined style of the original Silhouette, 'ClearView' presents a new offering in luxury window coverings.  

The Choices:  Silhouette with ClearView to enjoy outstanding views with light control.  Or. . . Choose the original Silhouette for a softer glow and more daytime privacy.            The choice is yours.



When Two Great Shades Come Together

You Get "Sonnette"

The New Shape Of Light is Curved . . .

What did the roller shade say to the cellular shade?  "Let's get together!"  And, they did in this ingenious design "Sonnette" joins the Ette-Elite in window fashions.  Available in two opacity options of Semi-opaque and Room-darkening with four fabric collections and 48 colorways that include the top-selling Duette and Pirouette colors.  

Watch Sonnette Here

Introducing DESIGNER Banded Shades

A fresh take on roller shades, DESIGNER Banded Shades feature a combination of sheer and solid fabric bands in a single shade.  Flexible functionality transitions between complete privacy, filtered light, or total view-through. Selections include three different band heights, along with three different band shapes, and an extensive fabric collection in 23 fabric styles. 
We cannot wait for the samples to arrive - Coming soon!

Soft-Touch Motorization
The Wand Does All The Work

Clearly, a must-have operation!  Soft-Touch Motorization is a battery-powered system with wand-controlled operation.  You gently pull-down to lower shades and gently push-up to raise them.
Currently available on Sonnette Window Shades only... but.... we'll hope for more applications soon!  

What Can We Help You With?

Hardwood Floors A Natural Beauty

Many years ago a wise man told me wood, hardwood, is a living, breathing thing.  Even long after the tree becomes a plank, solid or engineered, hardwood floors are ever-changing throughout their lifetime.  As a retailer of the most beautiful collections of hardwoods, I find those are words to live by.

Queue:  Acclimation

Photo courtesy of Armstrong Flooring

Photo courtesy of Armstrong Flooring

As we mentioned wood lives and breathes and to properly introduce hardwood flooring to your own home, you must acclimate.  Acclimation allows the moisture content of the wood to adjust to the conditions in the room by simply placing the opened boxes of planks in each area this process begins and will take a few days to a couple of weeks.

Ever-Changing Throughout Their Lifetime

Living....Breathing....Ever-Changing.... Hardwood Floors do require a little TLC.  Installing window coverings to block UV Rays and on occasion rearranging furnishings and area rugs will help your floors age evenly.  Age?  Yes, a natural process for hardwoods is aging, yellowing, fading, darkening and even lightening in certain conditions all accelerated by UV rays.

Highlighting Wood's Natural Beauty

You've done your research on the quality of all the different hardwood species, and are ready to make your selection and now you're wondering which finish and character will actually highlight the wood's natural beauty.  We're often asked:  "How will this look with my cabinets.... my furniture... my decor palette". This is a one-word answer, and that word is CONTRAST.

Photo credit top inspiration board from our friends at RMCoco Fabrics.  Photo credit bottom hardwood selections by Artistry Hardwoods with color-through technology.

Photo credit top inspiration board from our friends at RMCoco Fabrics.  Photo credit bottom hardwood selections by Artistry Hardwoods with color-through technology.

In this featured 'Inspiration Room' (above) the choices for a wood floor to accentuate the overall palette of the room, can be either the darker of the dark tones in the room which brings a subtle balance, or the lighter for a more defined contrast showcasing both the floor and furnishings.  

One of the more difficult rooms to find just the right contrast is any room with cabinetry.  

Let's talk kitchens....

Photo credit Hallmark Floors Alta Vista collection in Laguna

Photo credit Hallmark Floors Alta Vista collection in Laguna

If you've ever browsed through Houzz, you know that white kitchen cabinets are the most popular and that they haven't lost their appeal over the years.  The choices in floor finishes are limitless and trend towards personal preference.  The key here is the painted cabinetry island and balancing all the tones while at the same contrasting to highlight all three - the white, the black and, mainly, the floor.  

The darker the cabinets the lighter the wood floors and vice-a-versa.

Natural Hickory hardwood floors have so much character in their color variation they are a natural pick for the darker wood cabinet kitchens.

Found on Pinterest from the Wood Grain Cottage

Found on Pinterest from the Wood Grain Cottage

Cherry Woods, beautifully done!  The deeper coloration in the Cherry planks pick up the color in the cabinets and the contrast with white base and moldings is a stand-out.

And, with every design a little paint must have - Greige, the not so gray, not so beige color that's the new neutral for home decor.

When you have a true love for Greige, you don't just paint the Island, you paint the entire kitchen in your favorite color.  Now, what to do for the hardwood floor selections.  Of course, or should we say:  "HOPEFULLY", you selected your floors at the time you selected this paint color for your cabinets.  The cabinets are simply stunning and the floors must do their part not to compete, but to enhance and we've done our best with these samples from Homerwood in White Oak.  Why White Oak?  We are loving the natural, rich grains of the wood and have presented three choices of finishes, from the top we have Graphite, then Simply White, and lastly, but a lovely choice is Espresso.  We're leaving the decision to you.  Which floor do you choose to compliment the cabinets?

Inspired With Color

One of the things we love most about Hardwood Flooring is the natural beauty.  A beauty that can stand alone, but we see that's not so practical for our homes - just the floor.  We want to add layers of color and texture to emphasize that warmth and feeling of home.  When it comes to complimenting the color for hardware floors, we look to nature - the tree, and the leaf doesn't fall from the tree, and neither does the color.

Our first go-to is green - many, many shades of green

As the leaves change with the season, so does our color

Inspiration: Benjamin Moore's 2017 color of the year Shadow

Inspiration: Benjamin Moore's 2017 color of the year Shadow


Homerwood's Hickory Natural

Homerwood's Hickory Natural

In our Showroom the Hickory Natural get so much attention!  The sample is pulled more times than we can count and wherever we go people want to know, "how do I decorate with this busy, but beautiful hardwood?".  We've put together a vision board for just this purpose.  Envisioning the build from the floor up and introducing the layers as we move throughout the space with paint, natural textures and textiles with complimentary tones that showcase the hickory wood floor.  

Earlier in describing the beauty of complimenting hardwoods with color, did we say: "Just the floor?"  Ahhhh, we did, but our reference has meaning; meaning that some woods are so pretty you don't want to put anything on them!  Enter the patterns, a truly stand alone floor.



For the Love of Patterns

 Notably suited for entryways and hallways, and whole house takeovers!

The mix of board sizes creates interest in this stunner

Our grand finale!  Herringbone in mixed stains for a truly remarkable floor or wall application.

With over eight vendor choices in our Showroom, we are familiar with each unique quality they represent.  From the species of the wood, the hardness factors & how they perform to the way they are manufactured, our philosophy remains that providing a quality installation will ensure the natural beauty of your own hardwood floors.
We did go a bit long in this Blog, and there's a lot more to cover!  Do you have any questions/comments?  Please post them in our comments section, or better yet, stop by and say Hi!  We're happy to be of service.


Stay Cool with Knight's Summertime Favorites

One thing we know is true:  If it works to insulate and keep you warm during winter, it will also work to keep you cool in Summer.  Insulation is the key and we're not talking about what's between the walls, nah, come on.... This is Knight's!  We're staying cool with insulating products that are added after the home is built and beautifying as we go.

80-Percent?  Wow!  We agree that is a pretty big number.  Hunter Douglas developed this shade just to out-do what they previously had done with the original Duette Honeycomb Shade and that is to create next-generation energy efficiency with their ever popular honeycomb shade. 
How do they do it?  Read our previous blog on the Energy-Efficient Home

Our customers love the Duette Architella Shades and we've heard rave reviews on their energy savings up to months after the installation.  Making this our #1 pick for  Summertime Favorites.

Our customers love the Duette Architella Shades and we've heard rave reviews on their energy savings up to months after the installation.  Making this our #1 pick for Summertime Favorites.

You had me at "Hotel in Hawaii"!!   So, what could possibly keep us cool with this option you ask?  The ability to control your shades at home from anywhere, and at anytime. Let's say you forgot to close the shades when you left for work, voila! One-touch application with Powerview Motorization and you're up to task.  Powerview also allows pre-programming all your shades to open and close to your specifications. Rise and shine with the opening of the shades, and time them to close with the heat of the day.  That's our "Stay Cool" tip and our #2 Summertime Favorite pick.   Read more on motorized window coverings.

You had me at "Hotel in Hawaii"!!  So, what could possibly keep us cool with this option you ask?  The ability to control your shades at home from anywhere, and at anytime. Let's say you forgot to close the shades when you left for work, voila! One-touch application with Powerview Motorization and you're up to task.  Powerview also allows pre-programming all your shades to open and close to your specifications. Rise and shine with the opening of the shades, and time them to close with the heat of the day.  That's our "Stay Cool" tip and our #2 Summertime Favorite pick. 
Read more on motorized window coverings.

Back to the 80% . . .

Okay, you're excited about the 80%, but not too excited about the honeycomb shades.  You picture Summer as a sheer gently blowing with the breeze, a good book, let's throw in a tropical drink with an umbrella.  Are you cool yet?  The Sheers of Summer can be had with a little technique we fondly refer to as "Layering". 

blog sheer.jpg

This beautiful Sheer by Gianti Fabrics is just the beginning to our Summer Scene.

We've narrowed it down to three choices

You may have noticed that our three choices do include a honeycomb shade - that's to keep with our 80-percent.  It will be hidden when raised, installed neatly behind the sheer and when it's lowered you'll have the "cool" effects.  Your second choice for giving a layer of insulation to our dreamy sheer window is the roller shade and number three, a customer favorite, is the Pirouette Window Shade.  The best part of this Summery Sheer Window Scene is the variety of looks on one window:  Fully open, shade raised and Sheers drawn open to frame the window, and there's the fully closed shade and sheer both closed to "Stay Cool", then we'll raise the Shade and close the Sheers, ahhhh, how about this one?  Lower the shade from the top (top-down/bottom-up application) and close the Sheers.  So many options and we do love options!
What's your favorite?

Must Have More Sheers

This stunning scene is from Hunter Douglas featuring their Design Studio Roman Shade in Sheer fabric.

This stunning scene is from Hunter Douglas featuring their Design Studio Roman Shade in Sheer fabric.

We've turned the tables on our Sheery Summer Scene, or in this case turned the windows, by having the sheer treatment as an inside mount.  The drapery portion is what keeps us cool!  Select from thermal or black-out linings for the drapery for the highest insulation value - Is that 80%?  Yes, yes it is! It's also our #3 Summertime Favorite.

Add sheery elements of texture and light for stunning effects.  The drapery does the work of insulating.  It's all in the layering.

Stay Cool With Tones Of Blue

Accessories are everything.  Accessorize your walls with tones of blue they'll give you that cool-down feeling you long for, which, just happens to be our #4 Summertime Favorite.

A Great Segue, We're Off To The Patio

We've all done it, spent our mornings cleaning and preparing the patio for company only to realize a little too late, it's just too hot to step outside.  Here's our Summertime Favorites #5 to Stay Cool.

Outdoor Sunscreen Shades by Graber will not only cool down the patio they also cut the sun's glare and the UV rays.  Add motorization for worry-free operation.

Outdoor Sunscreen Shades by Graber will not only cool down the patio they also cut the sun's glare and the UV rays.  Add motorization for worry-free operation.

Keep those bare feet cool with area rugs (shown here Recife Saddle Stitch by Couristan)
Complement with fabrics made for the outdoors with custom seat cushions, table runners, and draperies- there's trims & tassels too. These specialty outdoor fabrics are fade and stain resistant and look beautiful too.
Need more inspiration for your outdoor space?  Visit our Showroom or see our Pinterest Boards

Now About Our Favorites ...

We love what we do and that's due in fact to the quality of products we work with on a daily basis that we've featured as our "Summertime Favorites".  Like what you see, the ideas to stay cool?  Contact us!  We're happy to be of service and provide complimentary consultations on "Staying Cool". 

It's Sum...sum...summertime with knight's

thanks for joining in!

Window Coverings In The Motorized World

Do you recall the first time you saw a window shade open as if by magic?  I do, and it's been a number of years back while I was out on a new commercial building and I was in awe, amazed, and asked "how'd they do that!"  Since that time motorization has become home-friendly and many times no electrician is required (more on that later).  Back to the magic and the second time that 'aha' moment came over me, I was watching the movie "The Holiday" you may recognize our cover photo of the bedroom in that movie. The scene where Kate Winslet over-tired from her travels reaches to the night stand and lowers the black-out shades with the click of a button, and there we all witnessed the immediate relief of staying in bed while lowering the shades and wished those were our shades. Well, they can be...

What's Available

motor drape1.jpg


Drapery Rods have choices in motorization and the ones we are excited about are the newer decorative rod selections.   No longer is just commercial tracking available, the choices have opened up to include several finishes with beautifully coordinated finials all operated on a motorized traversing system that will span up to 40 feet and offered in individual and multi-system operations. 

motor shutter.jpg


Newer in the window covering world are motorized shutters and we are featuring Norman Perfect-Tilt, radio frequency operation.  Gone are the days of the extension poles for those upper and hard -to-reach windows.  This remote control operation is outstanding to tilt the louvers in any direction you wish and entire rooms can be programmed to operate at the same time or program on a timer.  We must say:  This is one we've been waiting on!

motor shades.jpg

Shades & More

Where there's a window, there's a way to put a motor on it.  Hunter Douglas achieved the magic in motorization with PowerView.  With WiFi operation you are able to control your shades through the PowerView App integrate with the Pebble Scene Controller and not only can you operate shades through the App, but with remote control as well from anywhere, anytime.  Not interested in the App?  The PowerView Pebble Control is a remote control that similar to the App allows pre-set timing and operates up to six different groups of shades.  Remarkable & innovative!

Sneak Peeks!


Coming Soon 2017

Later this Summer Hunter Douglas' newest release will feature two new shades with motorized wand control.  The Sonnette and Designer Banded Roller Shades. 
"Best invention I've seen in years".

Without Intimidation. . .

In our "What's Available" section we kept to just that: Types of shades, drapes and shutters that can be motorized. You will note that we did not move into the actual technology of each featured system, as they are personalized and customized to each customer's specific needs.  With that said there are a few questions and recommendations to consider to make a smooth move into the world of motorization without intimidation:

Building New?  This is the best time to meet with a window covering professional and coordinate with your electrician/technician for hard-wiring or integrating into Smart Home Systems.

What type of motorization will work best in my own home?  Frequency is what it's all about, especially when considering Wi-Fi operation. 

What type of system do I need to set all of my shades, shutters and drapes on timers?

I want to be able to operate the window coverings that are in my home from anywhere.  Is this available to me?

How far away from the shade will the remote control work?  In direct sunlight?

I plan on adding drapery panels over the motorized shades at a later date, will the shades still work once the drapery is installed?

You have questions?  We have answers!

Post your questions in the comment section below, or give us a call at 805) 237-1400 for a complimentary consultation.  We're Happy To Be Of Service!

To learn more on our Smart Shade Savings Event visit our Showroom, or  click here for more information .

To learn more on our Smart Shade Savings Event visit our Showroom, or click here for more information.