An Easy Resolution to Keep You Smiling

I resolve to not make a Resolution...

Just the word "Resolution", will have many of us running the other way.  The fear of failure, among other bad words, is not a happy place to be.
So, when did this ritual of new beginnings start?  It appears New Year's Resolutions have been around some 4,000 years - twisting and turning to fit each time period's cultural needs and expectations.  An interesting read - click to see more

Cleansing mind, body, and soul

Okay, okay, I did promise to keep you smiling and here's my theory:  Outside of sleeping where do we spend most of our time?  For many it's work - yes, "the other bad word".  Whether you go to an office, have an office at home, or have a specified spot to take care of paperwork, the time we spend working, more importantly the workspace itself, should be embraced with all that inspires us to look forward to walking into our workspaces.

If we're happy in our workspace, the rest will follow.

I have nothing against clutter, and if you've ever seen my office, you'll vouch to this fact!  Clutter is not one of our bad words, in fact, I'm putting it in the happy category.  Oh, I've organized, time and again, only to come back to my glorified mess.  Here's the smile:  Let's give this clutter a backdrop - A color, a pattern, a texture - something we'll smile about each and every time we look up from our - CLUTTER.  Budget minded?  Painting is the least expensive thing to bring balance to your workspace and just think of it:  If you're going to paint that wall behind the desk, you'll have to clean your desk, point and match-"the rest will follow"...

Benjamin Moore's Trending Palette for 2016 has a color for every space.

blog workspace natural elements covers.jpg

Elements of nature for a desk backdrop present texture to an otherwise boring space.  Wood, Stone, Grasses or Cork enrich the senses.  One tip to introduce a bit of texture:  Whatever selection you have made for your workspace flooring, order a bit extra for the wall and complete the look with a backsplash effect or full wall covering in fun patterns of Chevron, Herringbone, stacked stone, mosaic and more.  The inspiration is yours.
For selections of flooring click here or visit our showroom.

Did someone say FLOORS?

Tiles to take you in directions of color and pattern where the possibilities are endless.  
The first three picks in our photo collage are vinyl tiles from Mannington Commercial.  Vinyl tiles are durable, easy-to-clean, offering a unique look that is budget friendly.
Take a look now at the two photos on the end - carpet tiles - not just for the bank lobby.  Carpet tiles are a great pick for home offices too where worn traffic areas can easily be replaced by just replacing the affected area and not the entire floor.  See more here with the Mohawk Group.

blog workspace floors Marley1.jpg

One of our favorite installations of 2015 is the Marley Floor and, as promised you can take it with you.  This amazing floor is a portable vinyl dance floor.  After all is said and done not all work environments are about an office workspace.  Wherever your work takes you, we have a floor for that.  Hmmmmm, maybe there is a resolution in my future...  Seeing this floor makes me want to dance, or exercise???  Maybe a bit cheeky, but we do have a great selection of rubber floors for exercise rooms.

Trending Fashions

Do you love some of the newer decor trends, but don't want to upset the flow of your home's decor?  The office is the perfect setting for the new trends you love:  Metallic wallcoverings, shiny tile floors, carpeting with a hint of glimmer and a little bit of glitter grout are all trends to brighten your day.  Add some dramatic features with lighting fixtures such as this
"Grayson Chandelier" from Oly Studio.  Instead of those dreaded mats under your chair and to add more pattern, add an area rug.  For more inspiration on office trends visit our board on Pinterest.


Home offices that fit in the most unsuspecting spaces are found under the stairway or in the closet, and don't you love this drawer idea to hide away power strip plug-ins?

Taking time to live life will only inspire your work

We hope you've enjoyed our NonResolution, that may be a resolution after all.  I like to think of it more as gifting yourself with an inspired workspace that will make your New Year a happier place for your work to live in for years to come.